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Death Doula Course Reviews

  • MJ Putnam - "Blessing and thanks again for you and Melissa.. true authentic women empowering people. Blessings" (2021)

  • Kelly Morrow - "Thanks again, I really enjoyed the course!" (2021)

  • Elizabeth Kishook - " I have a lot to learn from you. I did finish the course at Douglas College, but IM SO GLAD I took this course with you. I feel a connection of some kind, I tend to gravitate towards my instructors; especially those who have much to give I think it’s your aura, knowledge and kindness. I feel like I’ve made a friend....." (2021)

  • Shannon MacLeod - "Thank you so much for this course!" (2021)

  • Lelia Twobears - "Thank you so much, this course was great, easy to follow and enjoyed learning all about how to become a death doula . I truly enjoyed it start to finish. This will be great to add to my existing training as a PSW. I always loved working in palliative care . . Thank you for your time and help along the way! (2021)

  • Arlin Pacheco - "Thank you so kindly for all of this!
    I feel confident in my skills and path and am super grateful for yous and your teachings!" (Speaking of both Randi & Melissa from the Death Doula Course) (2021)

  • Chantal Soucy: "I wanted to say I really enjoyed this, thank you so much, I really value what I learned from this class, I told a friend about it and she told me she will take it too!" (2021)

  • Christina Savastano: "Thank you so much for a great class and for taking the time to go through a huge amount of content. Thank you again for a great class and for so much great information." (2020)

  • Denise Yungblut: "I truly enjoyed the course and even have a great friend signed up for your next course. She is amazing and we are hoping to do some work together. (Deb)I do eventually want to take your a Tarot course but I have a lot on my plate currently and have another Doula course I am taking in March. " (2020)

  • Rhonda Gow: "Thank you for teaching this amazing course. I have worked in LTC for many years as a PSW and have had the pleasure of holding many hands during the end of life. I am truly looking forward to being able to apply and expand on my new skills." (2021)

  • Natalie Nelson: "I loved your information in this course" (2020)

  • Charlotte Ruff: "I want to thank you for this course. I believe my life path has brought me here. Really appreciate your help and Melissa is great also. " (2020)