When creating this school, we envisioned a space that would encourage whole body wellness, and helps others achieve their own state of good health, growth, and peace, for those living or transitioning through death.

With a passion for holistic and spiritual living & dying, backed with our education, tools, and compassion, we have created a place that encompasses the above and so much more, so that you too, can heal yourself, your life, as well as the life of others.

Virya means "Energy", and our energy is dedicated to guiding & coaching you along your journey. Whether you’re learning about alternative medicine, and healing opportunities, making major life changes in your career and life path, or wanting to help others, you will find something here that suits everyone.

Read below to meet us!

the ontario school of universal energy

About Us!

Meet Our School Founder, Instructors, consultants, and advocates, Below!

Randi Coones

Meet Randi, the founder of The Ontario School of Universal Energy. She is also an instructor for various courses including our Certified Death Doula course, Branch of Death courses, Reiki & our Master Tarot Class.

Randis connection to spirit, energy, and the ability to read both started as a child with a natural gift. She has since honed in on her abilities and loves using them to help others. Her background is a Certified Life & Death Doula, Reiki Master, Guided Meditation Teacher, Therapist with specializations in Grief & Trauma, Sexual Trauma, and PTSD.

When Randi isnt running retreats or marking exams, you can find her getting lost in the woods or water with her partner, kids and dogs, creating music, art, and just being in love with life all around.

Send us an email to book a private appointment with Randi, or to chat with her more!

Alisha Long

Born an empath with a strong intuition, Alisha is able to communicate with everyone on many different levels. Her passion is helping others anyway she can in the best way she knows how.

Certified as an end of life doula, specializing in pregnancy and infant loss, course instructor and enrolled in further education to open more opportunities for those who need her. Alisha is also our Young Living Essential Oil Consultant!

Her love for children, Nature and animals are just a few of the many things she has experience with.

If you would like to contact Alisha or have any questions regarding her services, essential oils, or more, you can find her website and contact information here!

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Michael Vol

Father and devoted partner, family is everything to Michael and there's nothing he wouldn't do for them. Over the last 42 years of his life, Michael has faced hardships that not many have experienced, but he takes each day as they arrive and strives to overcome his challenges.

With a deep love of life Michael has persevered and now advocates for men’s grief & mental health with a determination to grow this much needed area. This passion is why he has joined our team as not only a course instructor but also a coordinator and facilitator for our men’s drop in grief chats.

Considered a brother to many, Michael holds others close to his heart and tries to make a positive impact in their lives.

In his own words;

“Life has thrown challenges my way, but I continue to stand tall and focus on what truly matters - love, family, and health.”

Connect with Michael via his Facebook, TikTok, or send us an email!!

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