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Becoming a Death Doula

Have you felt called to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Do you want to empower, educate, and advocate for others? Do you have a zest for life? Are you an empath? 

Join us to become A Death Doula!

We have been running this 6 week to Certified Course for over four years with much success and satisfied graduates and clients alike. Our program is valid across North America, and internationally.

RECOGNIZED by the Canadian Support Workers AssociationThe Certified Death Doulas of Ontario, and The Canadian Home Care Aide Association. (We have more recognitions pending)

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Respite Care

Upon Completion of this course you will be able to support a person in living a meaningful rest of their life, have effective communication skills, clear boundaries of what is and is not expected of you, and how to create a positive environment while handling challenging respite support situations. You will learn how to implement good healthy & safety practices, how to recognize & proceed with signs of abuse, and how to properly bring closer to respite support relationships after death.

Course Summary: The World of Respite Support, People You Will Support, Communication and Boundaries, Personal Care, Creating a Positive Environment, Confidentiality, Health & Safety, Abuse


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Post Death Home & Energy Clearing

Upon completion of this course you will be certified to help others in post death organization and energy clearing. You will be able to support those who are struggling through grief within your home cleaning business, as well as helping others organize the chaos that comes post death within your end of life career! You will confidently help to create feng shui & restore peace, and sweep & cleanse the aura of a person, room, home, and more.

Course Summary: Organization & Material Artifact Support, Memorializing Keepsakes, Memorializing Give Away Items, Feng Shui, and Energy Clearing by person & room.


Sacred Plant Therapy

Topics Covered: History & Uses, Therapy Applications, Pain Relief, dosage for illness & death, Safety, Laws & Regulations, Plant Therapy & Hospice.

Upon completion of this one day course, you will be equipped to help your clients with holistic pain relief and comfort care, proper dosage safety for all of your clients, assistance with transitioning through death, to aid in the relief of grief and overwhelm, to help answer questions, and be able to guide your clients through proper laws and procedures so that they can utilize the benefits of this powerful medicine! 


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Funeral Service Education

Join us as we teach you about the various aspects of living & post death funeral services, celebrations of life, legacy & life review projects, wakes, celebrations of life, home funerals, and more!

Upon completion of our course you will confidently help to plan, and lead an end of life service fit to your clients needs. You will be able to help them navigate their options for post death or pre death goodbyes, and help them confidently leave their mark on this earth via legacy projects or life review!

$150 CAD

This course is recognized & approved by:

  • The Canadian Support Workers Association

  • The Ontario Council of Personal Support Workers

  • The Certified Death Doulas of Ontario

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Reiki & Hospice

Our End of Life Reiki Course is presented over 3 days and allows you to specialize in your current Reiki or end of life care practice.

Reiki is offered in hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care centres and community service settings. those transitioning through death, seek assistance from reiki practitioners and spiritual advisors.

We provide a supported space for Healers to feel understood and accompanied in your journey of becoming an end of life reiki practitioner.

Please note you MUST have your Reiki level 1, or higher, to register.


End Of Life Animal Care

During this course you learn all about caring for animals during the ends of their lives, how to offer comfort and care, active death options and education, to not just the animals, but to pet owners, caretakers, vets, farm hands, zoo keepers, and more. Learn to offer the healthiest, safest, and most compassionate care to animals of all sizes!

  • 4 Hours in Length, covering topics such as; Animal Doula Essentials, Components of Compassionate Care, Pet Hospice & Palliative Care, and Post Death Options & Support.


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Vigil Planning

Death vigils have been held for centuries. Historically, when a person was dying, the family, friends, and clergymen would gather around the patient to offer their presence and support to the patient as well as to one another.

  • 4 Hours in Length, covering topics such as; Creating a Vigil Plan, Advocacy & Comfort, The active dying process, What happens after death.


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Mourning & Post Loss Support

This program helps to promote awareness and understanding of how loss and death works and effects each of us differently. We will focus on grief & bereavement, communication & therapies, and counselling & concepts. This course will help you to look at not only grief from a loss of a loved one, but also to understand grief from those who are transitioning through death themselves.


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Chakra Balancing Course

This Course will take place every Sunday, over the course of 7 weeks! Each Sunday and Wednesday  we will look at a different Chakras and how to heal & balance them! We will have distance reiki, chakra meditations, chakra oils, yoga, discussions on what you can do on your own, how to tell when a chakra is blocked or over active, and more!


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