Becoming A Death Doula

This course is 6 weeks long. Every Monday & Wednesday we cover a new section in our 45 - 60 minute class. At the end of each week, you will have a review quiz. Upon completion of our course, you will have an open book, final exam to write before receiving your certification.

As an added bonus, to give our students a step ahead in the industry, we have also incorporated a ton of holistic healing herbs and oils, spiritual education, rituals, and more!

Wednesday mornings we will have a half an hour class to catch up on anything missed on the Monday, and to cover the spiritual/ energy aspects of end of life work.

Classes begin at 10:00am EST every Monday & Wednesday unless other wise notified. All classes are posted in our private classroom for 30 days, in case of conflicting schedules!

During the week if you have any questions you can schedule a once per week half an hour face time meeting, or zoom meeting with me, or you can email as much as needed for help, if needed. If you would like to know any other information or would like to register please let me know!


*Introduction *Why Death Doulas Matter *How Death Doulas Differ From Other End-of-Life Professionals *The End-of-Life and Dying Industry *Death Doula Specializations *Elder Care *Providing Support and Comfort to the Terminally Ill *Respite Care for the Family *Facilitating Legacy and Life Review Projects *Conducting Living Funerals *Planning and Conducting Vigils *Mourning and Post-Loss Support *Facilitating with Post-Death Home Organization *Pet Doula Death Services * Near Death Experiences *What an End-of-Life Doula Does *Tools of the Trade (and How to Use Them) * Crystals for End of Life Work *How to “Hold the Space” for Someone *Essential Oil Healing *Essential Oils for various ailments and illnesses *MAID *Essential Oils for Grief & Death *Initial Consultations *Deep Listening + Empowerment *Talking About Life and Dying *Discussing Advanced Care Directives *Discussing After-Death Body Care, Burial, and Funerals *Understanding the Needs of the Dying *Using Traditional and Newly Created Rituals *Breathing Exercises for Anxiety & Fear *Educating the Family on the Dying Process *Developing Your Skills *Essential Skills for Death Doulas (Ethical Awareness, Self-Care Skills and More) *Getting Comfortable with Death and Dying *Learning From End-of-Life Experts *Volunteer Experience for Prospective Death Doulas *End-of-Life Doula/Midwife Training Programs *Starting a Death Doula Business *Business Planning *Choosing a Business Name *Choosing Your Location *Employees and Contractors *Setting Your Fees *Getting Paid *Client Contracts *Getting Clients *Your Target Markets *Promotional Tools *Marketing Techniques *Getting Free Publicity *Conducting Workshops and Seminars *Selling Your Services

$650 Per person, per 6 week course. Includes Course Material, PDF Text,  and a hard copy of your Certificate upon completion of our program!
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